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Our goal at The Spaulding Group is to make GIPS compliance as easy as possible for you.  Here is a suite of tools to help you achieve and maintain compliance.  Some of these are also available in other modules, but this will give you easy access to all the tools on this site. Content is for informational purposes only. By using the tools and templates on this site, your firm takes ownership of the tool and/or template and takes responsibility for all authorized use of the tool and/or template. These tools and/or templates should be used in conjunction with the guidance in the GIPS standards. GIPS® is a registered trademark owned by CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained herein. These documents are for the exclusive use of clients of The Spaulding Group, Inc. and its authorized partners. They are not intended for reproduction and should be treated as highly confidential. Copyright © The Spaulding Group, Inc. 2023

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